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- Dear customers, to receive your periodic statements of accounts as they are on 31/December/2021, please visit your nearest branch and request it from the customer relationship staff
- Within the framework of the Arab Bank Syria's strategy aimed at improving and developing the electronic banking services provided, we are pleased to offer you the electronic account service
- Dear customers , please click on the link to view the procedures related to the prevention of the risk of infection with the Corona virus
JOD: 3789.52/3752.00
CHF: 2939.07/2909.98
JPY: 2227.30/100/2205.25/100
USD: 2828.00/2800.00
EUR: 2873.24/2844.80
GBP: 3545.46/3510.36



 The Bank was established in 2005 as a Syrian Joint Stock company (S.A) It is a member of the member of the Arab Bank group which is considered one of the largest Arab banking networks worldwide. It has more than 500 branches in 30 countries and covers 5 continents. It is headquartered in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The Arab Bank – Syria relies always on the Arab Bank’s cumulated experiences. So the Arab Bank – Syria has founded strategic mainstays to set off and expand in Syria with the aim of serious and committed endeavor to realize our principles and values pivoted on real growth of economy and society. One of the most important of these mainstays is an obvious strategy and a wise management, in addition to a strong capital foundation and high quality assets. The Arab Bank- Syria commenced its operations officially in 2006, whereupon the Bank offers all banking business through its head office in Abo rommaneh St, Damascus, in addition to the network of its branches spread throughout Syrian provinces. The Bank sought to create a balanced geographical propagation and varied base of clients, whereupon it has now 19 branches. In order a strengthen its capital base and to support the expansion of its operations, the Bank increased its paid up capital stock to exceed 5 milliard Syrian pounds. The Bank offers its banking and commercial services through an array composed of:

  • Department of developing the business of financial enterprises and companies.
  • Management of retail services and individuals.
  • Treasury department.

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